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Manfrotto MK190X3-2W Tripod Kit REVIEWS – Best Tripod Reviews

Here is a quick review of Manfrotto MK190X3-2W 190 Aluminium 3 Section Tripod kit, we have reviewed and rated this vlogging tripod kit on the basis of its compactness, sturdiness, height, panning and stability.

Manfrotto MK190X3-2W – 190 Aluminum 3 Tripod Kit

(Section Tripod Kit with MHXPRO-2W Fluid Head)

This Vlogging tripod with the fluid head is recommended for producing cinematic videos and film shoots.

Many vloggers are using this Manfrotto vlogging fluid head tripod, this vlogging tripod gives you the smooth quality panning shots. Monfrotto Mk190X3-2W 190 vlogging tripod also provides added stability.

This Manfrotto MK190x3 fluid head vlogging tripod is extremely sturdy, which is really beneficial when you are thinking to use the large cameras with the big sized lens. 

Here are some of the key features that these Manfrotto MK190X3-2W tripods offers are:

Key Features:

  • Height: 170 cm, Color: Black
  • Having a strong aluminium body allows for steady and well level shots.
  • Enables the vlogger to get clear video shots due to its versatility.
  • Compact and light enough for shorter journeys, its construction is high quality.
  • Excellent tripod-head combination for use with a spotting scope for nature watching.
  • MHX PRO vlogging tripods leg clamps feel more substantial than expected.
  • Elegant in both its design and construction.
  • This MHXPro tripod has the ability to withstand in strong conditions.
  • The two way head with the ability to adjust resistance. This makes panning along shores quickly easy.
  • The handle location can be adjusted to your liking.
  • Good blend of stability and lightweight vlogging tripods.
  • Leg Angles: 25, 46, 66, 88, Safety payload 4 kg
  • The versatile vlogging tripods made it into our best vlogging tripods list because of its fine quality.

This tripod is a perfect fit for heavy and large cameras making the shots very stable.

Manfrotto MK190X3-2W 190 Aluminum 3 Section Tripod Kit


  • Best choice if you plan to use it with big lens cameras.
  • This Manfrotto MK190x3 captures Superior Perspectives
  • Recommended for producing cinematic videos and film shoots.
  • Manfrotto MK190X3-2W has Added stability.
  • Super sturdy and professional for a decent price.
  • Excellent tripod with smooth pan for videos or panoramics.
  • Two way head with the ability to adjust resistance.
  • Head is PERFECT for use with a tripod.
  • The handle location can be adjusted to your liking.


  • It’s a little heavy but is a super sturdy tripod.
  • Lots of adjustabilities

What We Like : Fluid head vlogging tripod. Affordable. Great height and weight. Super sturdy tripod.

Buyer’s Review :

Excellent tripod! The Fluid head is a real, tangible, asset and easy to engage.

I would highly recommend this setup for anyone looking to pair this with a spotting scope. I cannot speak to its versatility. I have not mounted anything else on this rig. This is the pair to buy for nature watching.

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