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How to Use Best Vlogging Tripods for Camera | Review Guide 2020

How To Use Best Vlogging Tripods for Vlogging Camera 2020

how to use best vlogging tripods for vlogging

Only best vlogging tripod for camera and flip screen cameras are not enough in 2020, you must also know how to use a tripod for vlogging. For all the professional vloggers and YouTubers, vlogging tripod has become an essential piece of equipment. A good vlogging tripod in 2019 helps you in getting the snaps and shots, you would never ever imagined. The best vlogging tripods are carefully reviewed by expert authors of lamlord.

use best flexible vlogging tripods

Even if you are an amazingly creative person and you can take awesome shots without using vlogging tripod 2020. There will be a stage where you will have to decide that you should make your work easier and awesome. By the time, as you become a serious vlogger, a tripod will become essential for you. For the vlogging beginners, there may come some hurdles and problems. We are here to address some of the common problems and issues that most of the beginner level vloggers come up with. We will be focusing more on How to use a Tripod?

While selecting the best vlogging tripod for you, you should check that the following features are present in the product or not…?

1) What specs should be in Best Vlogging Tripod 2020?

>> Functionality of Tripod

A good tripod makes the life of vlogger easier. A tripod should be well functional and it must be compatible with almost all of the new model cameras. If the tripod is not well functional then it can be a barrier for you in creating good vlogs.

One can use a tripod with vlogging cameras and other smartphones, that help you spent your energy on the video content.

>> Lightweight Tripod

A lightweight tripod has many uses for vlogging. It can give us smooth shots, awesome tilts, and pans. A good lightweight tripod can be our travel partner. It can let us get the perfect shots in no time.

Light tripods have no heavyweight issues, so they can become our friendly travel partner. For travel niche and hiking lovers, lightweight tripods are highly recommended. Always buy the tripod that is compatible with most of the cameras, doesn’t mean that you ignore other factors.

>> Tripod’s Price

Just like other points price of a tripod also matters. Actually, price depends on the use of vlogging tripod. The better the features, the more costly tripod it is.

If you are getting a product with good functionality, portability and compatibility then the price doesn’t matter. One should go for that tripod that comes with so many features. Expensive Tripods are mostly compatible with many cameras. It will be okay for beginners to buy the best vlogging camera in the range of 100 dollars. Studio based vlogs don’t need too expensive tripods.

>> Compatibility of a Tripod

If you are doing vlogging and gonna pursue it as a carrier then you may be using more than one vlogging cameras, so you should choose that vlogging tripod that is compatible with your vlogging camera.

So, this factor is a must look factor and you have to figure out the compatibility of the vlogging camera that you are gonna buy.

use best flexible vlogging tripods

As you grow into a serious vlogger in 2020, a tripod will become an essential piece of equipment. You can get by for a long time setting your camera up on a stack of books, or an upside-down laundry hamper, but not forever. While these setups are great for a beginner, an intermediate vlogger will start to find them limiting. Even if you are an amazingly creative person who can create any camera setup without a tripod there will come a point where you will decide your creative energy is better spent on your video content.

This article will explain how to use a tripod and then introduce you to four different types.

2) How to Use Best Tripod Video Guide

This is a short guide about how to use a tripod.

3) How To Set Best Tripod for Vlogging 2020 guide

Step 1 (For Stability)

The first thing you need to do is to extend all the legs of your tripod so that it can be more stable. After doing this step you need to adjust the height of your vlogging tripod.

You can adjust the height of tripod using tensioners. Make your tripod more stable.

While getting ready to take the shot of the subject, be sure to point one of tripod legs towards your subject. You will get the room behind the camera to get the perfect shot. Otherwise, you will be facing difficulties in making vlogs. This is the perfect way how you can use a tripod for making good vlogs.

Step 2 (Mount the Camera)

There will be a plate on the top of the tripod, you need to remove this plate. The plate can be removed lever or clip. After detaching the plate, screw it at the bottom of your vlogging camera.

smartphone best vlogging tripods for dslr

Attach the plate and Mount the camera. A vlogging camera is mounted on the top of the tripod head. Different tripods have different type of heads for different cameras. The 2 most common types of tripod heads are:

1) Ball Heads

Ball head lets you adjust the position of camera before you start taking the shots. For travel niche vloggers and YouTubers this is not a great choice. As this tripod is best for taking static shots.

2) Pan / Tilt Heads

On the other side, Pan and Tilt head tripods are travel friendly tripods. These tripods are recommended for all those who are in parkour, running or travel niche. This type of tripods provide you with smooth panning motion,

4) Why Do You Need a Tripod

You may be thinking right now that do you need a tripod or not. There are 2 main perspectives and views from our side.

Do you want to use tripod for Vlogging?

For YouTubers and video industry freelances, a best vlogging tripods is a must. If you want to stay in the market and you want to compete with the beasts on YouTube, DTube or DailyMotion. You need to give the best to the audience. The earlier you start, the Better you will get!

Do you want to buy a tripod for your passion?

Apart from that, For a travel friendly a best vlogging camera and vlogging tripod are great tools. One can take perfect shots of beautiful sceneries. With a great vlogging kit, one can take part in photography competitions. You can take your skills to the next level by using a camera tripod. Camera tripods increases the perfection in your footages.

5) Benefits of Using Tripod

Many of the people think that for vlogging you only need a good Camera. You can hold the camera in your hand and shoot the videos for your vlogging tripods

There is no doubt, as most of the beginners do this. And this is the reason, almost 90% of the YouTubers don’t get success. They do a lot of hard work on their videos, edit them with the core of their hearts. But, everything goes in Vain.

Here is the Reason!

The camera may shake a lot while you are making the footage.

What you can do it put the camera on a tripod and reduce the chances of disturbance. There will be no shaking and the audience will get a perfect viewers experience.


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