Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

We offer Free shipping on all items in all states of US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?


All Major Credit Cards are accepted along with PayPal. 

MasterCard, VISA, American Express are accepted.

How long will delivery take?

Lamlord offers fast delivery and goods get delivered in average of 10 days. See complete shipping details here >>  Shipping Policies.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

All payments are done by using mostly used and secure Payment gateways. Lamlord reserves the right to change its policies any time. Please check out our policies here: Privacy Policies


What exactly happens after ordering?

After ordering we’ll reach you out on Email or Whatsapp for better communication. Tracking code is issued in 3-4 working days, and you receive the goods in 2 weeks. 

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, you receive the invoice just as you order from us; after checkout.

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