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Best noise cancelling headphone under 100 to buy – 2020

The best noise cancelling headphones under 100$ price is reviewed by our expert team. The headphones are compared on the basis of active Noise Cancellation technology, frequency response and high build quality. LamLord reviewed 40 best noise cancelling headphones and selected the top 10 headphones for our visitors.

Simply checking the best noise cancelling headphones by the brand name and cost may not be the most ideal approach to decide the best headphone for your requirements. We have listed a couple of focuses that you ought to think about that how to look at headphones 2020 for your need. You should Focus on the noise-cancellation, comfort level, bass, and treble. You will be able to get the best quality earbuds and headsets for yourself.

We have listed the noise canceling headphones under 100, here are the top 10 you should definitely check out.

Active Noise Cancelling technology can be a litt20le costly that’s why most of the people don’t bother checking and spending some bucks on it. So, we have reviewed and selected the best noise cancelling headphones under $100. There are some brands that are offering some active noise cancelling technology headphones under 100. The cheap headphones with noise cancellation technology (NCT) allow you to enjoy the benefits of technology.

Best Noise-cancelling headphones are recommended for those people who travel often. These headphones will help you having an easy journey. Not just that, these noise-cancelling headphones will save you from different noises. It’ll help you in getting rid of the engine noise, kids who never stop crying and bus stations. Maybe you want to listen to your favourite music but due to noise, you can’t do what you want. A good noise cancelling headphone can do this part, whether its messy noise of buses, kids or trains. You Don’t need to worry Coz you got the best noise cancelling headphone under 100.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the best noise cancelling headphones under 100.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under $100 Reviews

1. Monoprice Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

– Active Noise Reduction Technology (10010)

The Monoprice Noise Cancelling headphones are the decent looking pair of headphones. They usually come in dark grey-black colour scheme.

The type of these headphones is Over-Ear with awesome branding by Monoprice. The top section of these noise cancelling headphones under $100 is rubberized which give them a cool premium look.

These headphones have Hi-Fi Active Noise Cancelling technology which cancels all the external noises and makes the work easier for you.

  • Type: over-ear
  • Enclosure: closed-back
  • Noise cancelling: Yes
  • Wireless: no
  • Mic: Yes
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Weight: 2.58 lbs
  • Carry Case: Yes
  • Call Control: Yes
  • Volume Control: Yes

Design of Monoprice noise cancelling headphones is comfortable. With rubberized top, they have a flexible headband. The ear cups provide good fit over the listener’s head. 

The noise-cancelling feature after playing the music quickly fades to the background. This headphone manages to suppress nearly all of the external noises and interaction.

Over-Ear cheap noise-cancelling headphones under 100$

Key Features:

  • The Monoprice Noise Cancelling headphones deliver very decent noise isolation.
  • The active noise cancellation is strong enough to block noise in noisy environments.
  • These noise-cancelling headphones come with a 58-inch standard cable and 55-inch cable with an inline microphone.
  • The Monoprice Noise Canceling Headphones come with multiple ways to make and take calls.
  • It includes 3-button remote cable that is compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • An Internet calling adapter for use with different applications on PC or Macintosh such as Skype.
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>>> Cheap noise-cancelling headphones under 100$ - PROS & CONS


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Decent sound headphones.
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response.
  • In-line remote for phone calls.
  • 92% linear reduction in noise pressure
  • Good build quality.
  • 35dB passive sound isolation
  • Weight is 2.58 lbs.


  • The ear cup size also may not fit around every ear.
  • As it is cheaper.
    • Can’t match Bose headphones.

What We Like: Well built. Cheap noise cancelling headphones under $100. 50 hours battery time. Comes with Internet calling adapter and Carrying bag.

Final Verdict:

Editor’s Choice.

We have no complaints about this best noise cancelling headphone under $100. It comes with the cables and adapters that can plug into anything. The carrying case is excellent, the sound quality is great, and comfort is simply amazing. The noise reduction is perfect for what you need.
Monoprice headphones is the right cheap bang for the buck. You will not be disappointed!

2. COWIN E7 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

– Active Noise Cancellation and Inline Microphone – Black/Silver

The Cowin E7 provide better sound quality than our expectation. Covin E7 headphones are cheap price headphones that sound great. It won’t disturb the people around at high volumes.

Due to low latency in these cheap noise cancelling headphones, you’ll love watching movies and listening to music. The headphones are tight and stable enough that it will not slip off from your head easily.

These best budget headphones provide many features and you will be happy with its Price to the Performance ratio.

  • Type: On-ear
  • Enclosure: closed-back
  • Noise cancelling: Yes
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Mic: Yes
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Weight: 2.58 lbs
  • Carry Case: Yes
  • Call Control: Yes
  • Volume Control: Yes

Made with Active Noise Cancelling technology, these best wireless earphones under 100 allow you to block outside ambient noise and enjoy focused listening with the flip of a switch

You might think that these wireless noise cancelling headphones are delivering less-than-perfect sound as they are cheap, but the Böhm holds up well to the competition. Bohm Bluetooth and wireless noise-cancelling headphone gives crystal clear sound and delivers good quality music after the cancellation of external noise.

Bohm cheap noise-cancelling headphones under 100$


Key Features:

  • The headphones with two-tone black and silver colour scheme give a great modern touch.
  • Cowin E7 noise cancellation technology is very appealing, providing us with clear sound without external interference.
  • 30 Hours Playtime Per Charge at Bluetooth Mode. A built-in 600mAh battery won’t allow your headphones power off, you can enjoy your world without noise for 30 hours’ long time.
  • These remarkable headphones take bass to the next level, with two drivers that provide plenty of power.
  • These noise-cancelling headphones deliver solid highs, lows and mids without feeling flat.
  • The sound or music is almost completely distortion and noise free.
  • Cowin wireless noise cancelling headphone are offered in different colour schemes.
  • This on-ear headset features industry-leading advanced Bluetooth 4.0
  • You can easily connect to any Apple or Android smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet.
  • This best headphone with noise cancellation lets you enjoy 33 feet of wireless mobility.
  • After charging this headphone just for 3 hours, you can enjoy listening and talk time up to 18 hours.
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>>> Wireless noise-cancelling headphones under 100$ - PROS & CONS


  • Great audio reproduction.
  • Minimal leakage.
  • Inline microphone and remote.
  • Active noise cancellation technology.
  • Comfortable wear headphones.
  • 16 hours playtime – Rechargeable.
  • Decent sound and Stable fit.
  • Nice protective Case.
  • Luxurious style and detail.


  • Uncomfortable clamping pressure.
  • Performance is not ideal in too loudly places.

What We Like: They are extremely lightweight. Comfortable wear. Very attractive design. Noise cancelling headphone with a wireless and Bluetooth feature. Under 100$ headphone.

Final Verdict:

Bohm B66 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are extremely affordable headphones that will meet all your requirements of best audio quality with a fashionable feel. This cheap noise cancelling headphone provides the best quality, you’ll this under 100 headphones.


Sony MDRZX110NC model headphones are wired on-ear noise isolating headphones. Sony MDRZx110 headphones are decent-looking and have a very comfortable looking design.Ca

Sound system and audio quality of Sony noise cancelling headphones are really great. The bass and amplifiers work really work letting you enjoy your music. These over-ear noise isolating headphones under 100$ have the battery timing up to 60 – 80 hours.

Cables of these wired noise cancelling headphones are not too problematic, sometimes they can create a mess for you. Tangling of the cables can make a slight inconvenience in these wired noise-cancelling headphones.

When the noise cancelling feature is on, it can give the pretty clear sound with no or very little interference. Wire looks a little thin and frail but it works perfectly fine.

  • Type: On-ear
  • Enclosure: closed-back
  • Noise cancelling: Yes
  • Wireless: no
  • Mic: no
  • Transducer: Dynamic

If you’re looking for an inexpensive noise reducing headset under 100$ for use, this MDRX110NC model of Sony is a really solid buy. They work great on the long flights, it is amazing how much noise they cancel out for the price.

This is listed in the best noise cancelling headphones under 100 because for the price range. These noise cancelling headphones have decent audio reproduction and don’t leak much.

On-Ear Best noise-cancelling headphones under 100$

Key Features:

  • The Sony cheap Noise Cancelling headphones deliver a very decent noise reduction.
  • The audio quality of Sony ANC headphones is awesome and the amplifiers and bass work well to allow you to enjoy your music.
  • Sony MDRZX110NC is strong enough to block noise in noisy environments.
  • These noise reduction headphones can cancel the external noises up to 95% as claimed.
  • Battery timing of this headphone can go up to 80 hours.
  • This headphone is the low budget headphone that offers noise cancellation.
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>>> Cheap noise-cancelling headphones under 50$ - PROS & CONS


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Decent sound and audio production
  • Minimal leakage.
  • 20 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response
  • Compact design
    • Due to the folding design
  • On-ear design
    • Works very well if you wear glasses.
  • Price, price, price!
    • Cheapest noise cancelling headphones


  • Cable can get in the way
    • Wired – Can be messy sometimes
  • The fit is not stable
    • Can slip off from your head
  • No control to pick up calls.

What We Like: Cheap noise cancelling headphones for $50. Battery time is 80 hours. On-Ear design recommended for people with glasses. Decent audio production,

Final Verdict:

Good comfortable pair of headphones. Most of my other headphones focus too much on sound quality ad the bass is way too busy but these headphones are a nice balance in cheap price.

4. Naztech i9 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone

In-line Microphone Up to 30 hrs Playtime for iPhones, Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, TV & Work/Airplane Adapter Included

These Universally Compatible Headphones feature Patented NoiseHush Technology. This reduces the external interference and noises that cause disruption by capturing and negating external sound waves.

Naztechs active noise cancellation (ANC) almost seems like an extra perk. These best noise cancelling headphones are good quality and have a cool looking design. This headphone comes with the Bluetooth technology which gives extra battery life.

The headphones are integrated with Bluetooth version 4.1. It can deliver fantastic wireless sound over long distances. This headphone provides high-quality sound just like Bose headphones. With noise cancelling on, this headphone sounds pretty good.

This well thought-out design by Naztech is one of the best noise-cancelling headphones under $100 list.

  • Type: over-ear
  • Enclosure: closed-back
  • Noise cancelling: Yes
  • Wireless: yes
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Battery Time: 12 hours

The noise cancellation does a decent job of eliminating ambient room noises. Just like many other noise cancelling headphones, it also adds some amount of high-frequency hiss to the equation.

Naztech i9 headphone is comfortable to wear, this headphone manages to suppress nearly all of the external noises and interaction.

Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones under 100$

Key Features:

  • The Naztech i9 noise-cancelling headphones look cool with their white & tan design.
  • The headphones use Bluetooth version 4.1 to deliver fantastic wireless sound over long distances.
  • The i9 headphone is exceptionally comfortable to wear and a stable fit.
  • It pairs very quickly and easily with phones. You can hear callers with minimal issues.
  • Naztech i9 headphone manages to suppress nearly all of the external noises and interaction.
  • This headphone reduces the external interference by negating external sound waves.

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>>> Cheap noise-cancelling headphones under 100$ - PROS & CONS


  • Delivers deep bass response without interference.
  • Sound quality is nicely balanced.
  • Affordable active noise reduction headphone
  • Strong effective bass.
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Can be used in wired or wireless modes.
  • Exceptionally comfortable.


  • Noise cancellation is merely average
    • Different sound without the ANC
  • Complicated control panel layout.
  • Weak construction

What We Like: Well built. Cheap noise cancelling headphones under $100. 30 hours battery time. Comes with Internet calling adapter and Carrying bag.

Final Verdict:

Comfortable, attractive, and functional for the office work. It sufficiently block out ambient noise. These headphones do a good job of blocking out noise even before turning on the ANC.



Audio-Technica QuietPoint Active Noise Cancelling In Ear Headphones reduce distracting background noise by up to 90%. Noise reduction is top notch in these headphones.

ATH-ANC23 have balanced audio reproduction that works well with most music genres but a very ordinary in-ear design that may not be comfortable for some.

This noise cancelling headphone under 100$ includes a carry pouch, AAA battery and a two-prong aeroplane adapter.

Theses typical noise cancelling In-ear earbuds control module is lightweight and relatively portable. The earbuds offer a comfortable and stable fit. Cable length is 4.9 ft and is not detachable.
  • Type: In-ear
  • Enclosure: closed-back
  • Noise cancelling: Yes
  • Wireless: no
  • Mic: No
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Plug Adapter: Yes

The Audio-Technica noise cancelling earbuds outperformed our expectations. They provide great sonic clarity, strength and agility in the best budget.


For the price, they could have compromised either sound quality or the ANC quality. But they have gone just fine acing the list of the best noise cancelling headphones under $100.

ATHANC 23 – Best Noise-Cancelling headphones under $100 2020

Key Features:

  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Reduce distracting background noise by up to 90% while offering superior sound
  • Engineered to create a comfortable listening environment in areas with high ambient noise
  • Feature a miniature microphone in each earpiece that picks up ambient noise
  • Electronics in control box create a noise-cancelling wave that is 180 out of phase with ambient noise-wave acts as noise eraser
  • Includes airline plug adapter

>>> Good noise-cancelling headphones under 100$ - PROS & CONS


  • Great audio reproduction.
  • Very little leakage.
  • Detailed sound with ample bass.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Decent sound.
  • Effective noise cancellation.
  • Very high value.


  • Awkward cable lengths.
  • Lacking control options.
  • Slightly muddy at extreme volumes

What We Like: Comfortable to wear. Best low budget noise cancelling headphones. Great audio reproduction.

Final Verdict:

Both sets sit deeply in your ear and from pictures of both products, you will see that beyond the earbud, they have a circular piece before the actual connection to the wires.


Best Noise Cancelling headphones under 100

Things to Consider before buying:

1. Active Noise cancellation

active noise cancellation 2018 headphones

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is a technology which refers to having a microphone and sound processor. Whenever your microphone catches any external sound, the noise cancelling processor cancel the sound. This phenomenon is termed as Destructive Interference as it cancels the external noises with its own sound output.

Active noise cancellation keeps the listener from noises so that he/she can have clear sound output. You should avoid the passive noise cancelling headphones, reason being that they rely only on the physical structure to cut out external noise. It may happen that you come across a headphone that has both passive and active noise cancellation technology headphones, those headphones are recommended.

2. Style of headphones

2018 Stylish noise reduction headphones

Nowadays, Headphones are coming in many new and beautiful styles. They include in-ear headphone which can easily fit into the ear, all the way to ear canal. Another type of noise cancelling headphones is an ear pad which can cover your ear up to an extent. As they don’t cover the whole year you can experience external noises.

First type of In-Ear headphones are recommended for people wearing glasses. Similarly, Over-Ear headphones have also come in the market. These noise-cancelling headphones can cover the whole year and are recommended for the office work.

3. Comfort:

comfortable headphones with noise reduction 2019

Comfort is most important feature. Everyone wants the comfortable noise cancelling headphones.
The aim of noise cancelling headphone is to let you listen audio without any interference and noises. The Ear Pad headphone are comfortable as they are meant to give your ears relief.

Besides comfort, best noise cancelling headphones 2020 also have other features that include the quality and pitch of the sound, ear coverage, and the battery life.

4. Audio Quality

high audio quality noise reduction headphones

The good noise cancelling headphones should give accurate and accurate sound without external noises. It should receive the sound without any interference.

Best headphones have the quality to capture the sound with no alterations in the way. Music volume of the headphones should be clear cut without noises else it is of no use.

The headphones listed in this review have high-quality music volume that you will love for sure.

5. Battery Life


long battery life noise cancellation headphonesTwo types of headphones that are wireless or wired, the noise cancellation headphones do require a battery. As, most of the headphones have the rechargeable batteries.

You need to select that lasts battery for long time.

The best noise cancelling headphones can give you long lasting listening time. You can listen to audio or any music even at low battery but sometimes, it may result in less noise cancellation.

6. Budget

Last, but not least. The budget will determine that how much you want to spend on headphones. In this guide, we have reviewed some of cheap best noise cancelling headphones under 100$. These are low budget noise cancelling headphones that are listed after deep research.

Advantages of cheap noise cancelling headphones?


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, during travel noise can be a problem for you sometimes. Do you need a headphone that cancels external noises, Right?
But, not everyone can afford the expensive noise cancelling headphones. That’s why we came up with your best travel noise cancelling headphones that are under 100$. These headphones can cancel external noises and can be your travel partner. Be Sure to check them all.

Music volume:

Of course, you want to get a headphone that has better quality than others. We have tried to select those cheap price noise cancelling headphones under $100 that gives you the best audio quality. We expect the noise cancellation of moderate frequencies from 50 to 70%.

In loud places, we usually increase the music volume to get clear listening. This act can damage our ears if we continue to do it again and again. So, the noise-cancelling headphones technology cancels the external nose. You can listen to music at safer volume.


When you want to study and you are checking udemy or youtube lectures, these cheap noise-cancelling headphones under $100 can save time for you. These noise cancelling headphones will remove and filter different noises which can help you focus on what you are doing.


Many models of best noise cancelling headphones under $100 listed in this review have Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows the user the freedom from wired headphones.

Wired noise cancelling can cause trouble for you while getting up or moving out.

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This list of best noise cancelling headphones is selected by our team of reviewers after comparing all of the headphones on the same merit and basis. If you want us to write a reviewing article for you on you in technology niche then you can ping us. We would love to help you in selecting 2020 best products for you.

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